Syndicate Sales is your trusted partner in providing trend-forward, quality-made floral hardgoods.

We are blessed to make our living in an industry that provides comfort in times of sadness, adds joy in times of celebration and conveys gratitude in times of thanksgiving.



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In you, who are uniquely inspired by nature's beauty and life's events, we find our motivation to continually provide tools of the trade that will not only complement your creativity, but will offer labor-saving conveniences as well.

Economic uncertainty abounds – more so today than at any other time in the past few decades. Through all this uncertainty, however, one element remains constant. You can count on Syndicate Sales and the 275 family/team members to be there as your partner. A partner who understands your challenges and whose mission every day is to make it easier for you to pursue the business you love ~ creating beauty for others to enjoy! We believe your inspiration and our ingenuity make for a powerful partnership and together we will weather this economic storm and be the stronger for it.

May your attention to detail and the love of all things beautiful continue to bring joy to your customers all across this great country!

Thank you for your continued support of Syndicate Sales, our products and our people.


Where can I buy a Syndicate products?

Syndicate is a manufacturer of floral hardgoods and home décor items.

If you are a Wholesaler, you can fill out our Wholesaler Application to begin shopping online and purchasing products directly from Syndicate.

If you are a Retailer, we have many floral distriubutors across the United States that stock and sell our products. Use our Distributor Locator to find the closest Syndicate Distributor near you, or fill out our Retailer Application to sign up for an online account and begin shopping on this website through your preferred Syndicate Distributors.

Where do I sign up for an online account?

If you are a Wholesaler, you can sign up by filling out our Wholesaler Application to begin shopping online and purchasing products directly from the Syndicate website.

If you are a Retailer, simply fill out our Retailer Application to sign up for an online account. Once your account is properly setup to purchase through your preferred wholesalers, you can begin shopping on this website!

Can I purchase Syndicate products from outside the United States?

If you are Wholesaler or Distributor outside of the United States, please get in contact with our Director of Sales, Kelvin Frye, to discuss setting up an account with Syndicate.

If you are a Retailer outside of the United States, we are unable to ship products directly to you. You will need to find a Distributor near you that stocks and sells our products. Use our Distributor Locator to assist with finding a Syndicate Distributor near you.

Do you have photos of your products that I can use for my website?

We offer studio and feature photo image downloads for all of our products. These are accessible to you if you have purchased our products, either directly from us or through your preferred distributor. To access these images, navigate to the Catalogs & Inspiration  Resources page and search for the current Product Guide. This page will have the most current image downloads for you to use at your disposal.


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