Sunnyside Up

This topiary design radiates at every level. Bold Sunflowers pair with dainty Orchids and bright Cushion Mums for a sunshiny display of golden yellow.  Planted in the Weathered Oak vase, this design is all about natural beauty.
Step 1. Enter your Cost.

Quantity Unit of Measure Fresh Product / Supply Cost Cost UOM Line Total
1 EA 8 1/2" Weathered Oak (7823-04-906) CS $
1 EA 6" Aquafoam Floral Sphere (676-20-07) CS $
30 STM Pompons BU $
3 STM Mini Sunflower BU $
1 STM Oncidium Orchids STM $
3 STM Curly Willow BU $
15 EA River Rock BG $
3 STM Variegated Aspidistra BU $
3 STM Plumosa Fern BU $
Step 2. Enter your Multipliers.
Fresh Product Multiplier: 
Supplies Multiplier: 
Step 3. Enter your Labor Percentage.
Labor Percentage: 
Calculated Costs.
Total Fresh Product Cost: 
Total Supplies Cost: 
Total Labor Cost: 
Total Arrangement Cost: 
Calculated Selling Price: 
Step 4. Enter your Selling Price.
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