Classically Refined

A stately design for any occasion, this piece is versatile yet classic.   Beautiful Tiffany Roses are complemented by purple Alstroemeria and Heather.  The handsome, ceramic Dane vase pulls everything together for a strikingly refined look.
Step 1. Enter your Cost.

Quantity Unit of Measure Fresh Product / Supply Cost Cost UOM Line Total
1 EA 7 3/4" Black Dane Vase (7567-06-04) CS $
1/2 EA Aquafoam Standard Brick (6001-48-07) CS $
3 STM Roses EA $
2 STM Alstroemeria BU $
2 STM Larkspur BU $
4 STM Alstroemeria BU $
1 STM Heather BU $
1 STM Pittosporum BU $
Step 2. Enter your Multipliers.
Fresh Product Multiplier: 
Supplies Multiplier: 
Step 3. Enter your Labor Percentage.
Labor Percentage: 
Calculated Costs.
Total Fresh Product Cost: 
Total Supplies Cost: 
Total Labor Cost: 
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Calculated Selling Price: 
Step 4. Enter your Selling Price.
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